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We're companies based in London and Australia,
​We are coming for You.

Team Advantages

Provide high-quality UGC

1. Provide high-quality UGC content output, and carry out multi-dimensional matrix account traffic exposure in Tiktok and other platforms to enhance the longitudinal influence and conversion efficiency of traditional integrated media to customers.



Create a short video official account

2. Operation of short video accounts of official organizations, through the matrix of talents and traffic tools, as well as the platform of official institutions to ensure the operational effectiveness and data of official institutional accounts.



Use other industries to obtain more traffic

3. Through the talent matrix, traffic tools, the platform official institutions support, as well as the short video social traffic to promote government/industry/brand event marketing and their influences. Especially provides an opportunity for traditional media business to expand.


Use traditional media to increase the impact

4. Through short videos, live and other new digital economy performance training systems, dock with the traditional business of radio and television to expand business Cooperation scope.

Who Are We


​From Zero Media PTY LTD

From Zero is the leading Tiktok association in Australia & Hong Kong , and currently has a monthly turnover of 15 million USD and a sound wave of more than 150 million USD for annual income. lts subsidiary company is located in Baohe District of Hefei, with more than 3,000 creators at present! With the association From Zero and Mag Solutions, we come to AU & UK to make a great success.

'From zero' is a brokerage company that mines hosts, trains hosts, packages hosts and promotes hosts. The team has professional training management, will always supervise and manage the hosts, generate revenue for the anchor, the platform and the brokerage company. The team is a bridge between the live streaming platform and the hosts, providing systematic operational support for the better and faster development of the hosts.


Young Entrepreneurs
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MAG Solutions

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MAG supports the work of Juxi Media (BPO): this includes sourcing anchors from China, London and Japan, as well as the implementation and management of other candidate positions. Connecting foreign companies and brands to new markets.

Our recruiting brand, MAG Talent, focuses on finding the right live streamers in London, Australia, and other European countries, including finding the right hosts for global clients and bridging the London and  Australian markets for Juxi & From Zero brands. While we develop direct sales channels in the international market, we also provide a bespoke service for international clients sourcing candidates worldwide. 


We're partnerships with Juxi Media, Shicheng Network (Juxi Media's subsidiary media branch in China) & From Zero company in Australia.


We focus on the global market for Tiktok business. 

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London Agency

Hello & welcome,We are a local UK TikTok agency.We're also a Juxi Media's cooperative company in London, Inspired by the entrepreneurs and businesses like yours that we work with, take risks, and achieve great things.And we have made it our mission to help you get there.
We want to work with clients who value love, sweat, andtears above and beyond the nature of how we work.At be social, we aim to maximize your exposure, grow your audience, boost your engagement, and master your online branding. We are bold and savvy. We connect the people.

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