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Visiting Liyang is a kind of lifestyle.

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

To accelerate the construction of the Yangtze River Delta cultural tourism axis and build the Yangtze River Delta leisure and holiday centre with high standards, Liyang amplifies the advantages of demonstration benchmark of all-area tourism and builds the back garden of the metropolitan area.

Since September, the series of "An economical tour of Liyang" combination of government-enterprise linkage, platform promotion and expert grass planting activities have effectively boosted the growth of the cultural tourism economy, and Liyang has become the first choice of Nanjing metropolitan area tourists for National Day tour.

Xu Huaqin, secretary of the Liyang Municipal Committee, said that going to Liyang is a way of life. As a national demonstration area of all-area tourism, Liyang picks the golden stretcher to transform from lucid waters and lush mountains to invaluable assets, strives to be a new demonstration of cultural tourism integration, and provides a green rising sample for Changzhou to build an international intellectual city and a hub in the middle axis of Yangtze River Delta.

When the giant poster of "Liyang welcomes Ning (the abbreviation of Nanjing)" lits up on the Golden Eagle screen in Nanjing's landmark building, the news of Liyang's free ticket tour in the whole area in September was on the screen of many media.

As a new member of Nanjing metropolitan area, Liyang welcomes members of Nanjing and Changzhou, launched the activity of free admission to all scenic spots in September to stimulate the recovery of cultural tourism economy. The leaders of Liyang City turned into cultural tourism recommendation officers and organized promotion meetings in two key cities in the metropolitan area Nanjing and Wuhu, putting in millions of consumption coupons and calling for the strength of Liyang attractions with goods.

In the promotion meetings in Nanjing and Wuhu, cultural tourism enterprises from Liyang made wonderful presentations for the guests on site. The promotion representative of Jiangsu Tianmu Lake Tourism Co., Ltd. introduced the beautiful Tianmu Lake, Nanshan Bamboo Sea and Yushui Hot Spring to everyone. Tianmu Lake Hotel, Meijian Shanye Hot Spring Resort, WEI Tianmu Lake Hotel and Global Rongchuang Cao Shan Future City all showed their most representative cultural tourism products.

Zhang Yaping, the director of Liyang Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau, said that the activity of "An economical tour of Liyang" was launched through free economy, consumption stimulation and government-enterprise linkage, with a series of combinations such as free tickets for the whole area, 10 million consumption vouchers and enterprise "discount on discount" to drive Liyang's whole area tourism to be fully recovered. The series of combinations like free tickets for the whole area, 10 million consumption vouchers and "discount" for enterprises, etc., have led to the comprehensive recovery of Liyang's tourism.

This also marks the integration mode of cultural tourism in Liyang out of the path dependence of "ticket economy", and find a breakthrough in the development of the whole area tourism, with "free" economy to drive the whole area catering, hotels, B&B, culture and other series of new tourism mode. Bring a path of change leading to the integration of cultural tourism.

"A month of ticket-free tour, bring heat to a city." A Nanjing netizen posted that the activity has brought the walk between the metropolitan area closer, as the scenic spots in Liyang are inundated with Nanjing cars and familiar Nanjing words in the ears.

According to statistics, from 1st to 30th September , Tianmu Lake Shanshui Park and Nanshan Bamboo Sea Scenic Area, received a total of 307,000 visitors, of which 282,000 were ticket-free in Nanjing metropolitan area, accounting for 91.8% of the total number of visitors. The number of visitors to the park increased by 69.99% and 132.57% over the same period in 2019 and 2020 respectively. About 30% of visitors enjoying the ticket-free tour policy were from Nanjing, about 50% from Changzhou area and about 20% from other cities in the Nanjing metropolitan area. During the three days of Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the percentage of tourists from Nanjing metropolitan area reached 77.47%. The growth rate of Liyang's cultural tourism recovery ranked first in Changzhou.

The confidence comes from the fact that the whole area is scenic

Lucid waters and lush mountains, which create an ecological journey.

There is paradise in heaven and we have Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth. Out of Suzhou and Hangzhou, the beauty is in Liyang. This is a live description of Liyang as a national demonstration area of tourism, a national garden city and a national demonstration city of ecological civilization construction. Liyang has injected tourism elements into all aspects of urban construction, insisted on making the city a "big scenic area", and coordinating all construction funds of over 4 billion yuan to invest the tourism development in the whole area.

The beauty of the landscape empowers the power of innovation, and the power of innovation ignates the light of city. Through systematic thinking, Liyang has explored the new mode of whole-area tourism, integrated capital, land, talents and other elements to tourism, and created a national demonstration area of whole-area tourism in 2020. Liyang has worked out a way of integrated development of culture and tourism industries, which is a fusion of ecology, production and life, as well as a sharing of all scenery, time and age.

The whole area is scenic, "three mountains, two lakes and the Song Group City" is a vivid picture of Liyang's entire area tourism. Liyang has famous scenic spots such as Tianmu Lake, Nanshan Bamboo Sea, and Qicai Cao Mountain, etc. The whole area includes 1 national tourism resort, 1 national 5A scenic spot, 1 national forest park and 2 national wetland parks (the only one in China).

As the "China's most beautiful country road", Liyang "Highway No.1" connects the city's major scenic spots, more than 220 rural tourist spots, 282 characteristic fields and more than 100 Liyang tea houses and boutique B&Bs, attracting tens of millions of tourists every year to visit and wander through the rural areas of Liyang. The "No.1 Highway" has driven 54,000 farmers to get rich at the "doorstep", and the consumption brought by the whole-area tourism has exceeded 60 billion yuan in the past three years.

The "golden signboard" of all-area tourism in Liyang has become the core competitiveness of the local tourism industry and is attracting more and more tourists from the Yangtze River Delta to stop by. The whole-area tourism has become a unique cultural tourism model in Liyang.

Available for touring all the time. Liyang has more than 300 tourist farms and B&B tea houses with different characteristics. The gorgeous lake and mountains scenery, healthy and delicious food and quality supporting services are popular among tourists. You can spend the day among the green water and green hills, or play at night in the Firefly Park and Water World Night Park.

All ages can share. Liyang has leisure and holiday products such as the Royal Water Hot Spring and Meijiao Tree House, as well as parent-child tours and children's fun parks such as Train Laissez and Shenma Farm, which make it possible to visit everywhere, enjoy all the time and stay for everyone.

Popularity nods to the economical tour brand

A precise combination for a cultural and tourism recovery

On 22nd September, the much-anticipated Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo was officially opened. As one of the essential activities of the fair, the Jiangsu Culture and Tourism Consumption Forum released the "Jiangsu Culture and Tourism Consumption Hot List" and the "Jiangsu Culture and Tourism Integration Consumption Innovation Cases".

The "Hot List" selected the "favourites" of Jiangsu's cultural tourism consumption this year from three dimensions: "popularity", "innovation" and "scenario". The "Hot List The "An economical tour of Liyang" activity won the first place of the cultural and tourism integration innovation case in the Transport Expo for its unique cultural and tourism integration innovation model, warm and positive social response, and precise stimulation of cultural and tourism industry recovery.

As the main force of this event, dozens of tourism enterprises in Liyang also showed active and strong participation enthusiasm. Jiangsu Tianmu Lake Tourism Co., Ltd. took the lead in offering free admission to attractions, and hundreds of hotels, rural tourism spots, star-rated tea houses and boutique B&Bs such as Tianmu Lake Hotel, Meijian, Hantian, etc. launched low price packages and "discount on discount" offers one after another.

Shi Yaoqin, the director and vice president of Jiangsu Tianmu Lake Tourism Co., Ltd. evaluated the cultural tourism activity of "An economical tour of Liyang" with three key words: "warmth", "attention" and "speed".

She said that the government's series of combined punches boosted the confidence of the cultural tourism market, which was warm; the attention of Ctrip and the search index of Baidu showed that there was an obvious increase compared with 2019, and the popularity of Tianmu Lake and Nanshan Bamboo Sea was expanded again, and the brand heat climbed. With the opportunity of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day double festivals, the government made quick decisions and enterprises responded positively, and the occupancy rates of hotels across Liyang have all increased significantly, highlighting the speed of Liyang.

Offline there is popularity and online there is traffic. The "An economical tour of Liyang" series of activities, "Liyang experts tours", organized experts from Tik Tok, Bilibili, Weibo and Dianping to go to major attractions in Liyang for in-depth tourism and experience picking, which set off a craze of traveling to Liyang on the whole network, with a total exposure of more than 50 million. The total exposure reached over 50 million.

Food blogger and travel expert Lu Yixuan posted "Come to Liyang to feel the quiet beauty with the mountain and water", which was ranked No.2 in the comprehensive ranking of "Liyang No.1 Highway" by Tik Tok.

The video "Beautiful Liyang, Green Mountains and Water, Longevity of People" was posted by Nanjing Zhang Zhenhao, a travel blogger and one of the top 100 tour guides in Jiangsu Province, from the perspective of a gold medal tour guide, and ranked No.3 in the tag of "Liyang" on Tik Tok.

Travel photographer "Sitting and watching the idle clouds and flowing water" with millions of Weibo followers has recorded the food and beautiful scenery with beautiful pictures. Till September 30, the topic "Going to Liyang is a way of life" has reached 7,322,000 readers.

The Bilibili two-dimensional space uploader "Xiaoxiaoshengya" and dance uploader "Nindexiannvfu" added beautiful colours to the promotion of the whole region with their fresh and sweet temperament and lively vlog travelogue.

The million-level expert "guohaorenshengdexiaochihuo" from Dianping pushed Liyang food to the whole country from the perspective of food, attracting tens of thousands of people to watch and plant.

The combination of government and enterprises, enterprises stood in the foreground and the media increased the heat. The event was focused by more than 200 mainstream media such as CCTV, People's Daily,,,,,, News of Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, Xinhua Daily,, ctrip.

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