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An experience in BYD Langdi 4s shop test drive

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

BYD Langdi 4s shop, the only 5-star after-sales service shop in Nanjing, was settled in Tongtian Road, Nanjing Jiangning District in 2021.

Based on the demand for brand promotion, the shop visit notes were launched to promote the brand expansion by integrating the resources of Dianping and Red under the situation of own media experts.

Red's value-added recommendations:

Twenty of these experts have pushed the content in the form of graphics on their Red platform.

Experts visiting shops with synchronisation platforms:

Eleven of them syndicated their content on their Dianping platform.

This time, we use experts’ resources to spread the news, so that BYD Langdi 4s shop can raise a better awareness among the consumer group of car buyers, and play a strong communication power among young people, and the influence will continue to spread.

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