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First opening of 7Fresh City in Nanjing

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

As the first brand new business under JD Gourmet to enter Nanjing, 7Fresh CITY settled in Nanjing Jianye Wuyue Plaza, Hanzhongmen Street for its grand opening on September 19.

Based on the demand of brand promotion, Modern Express, with its own media resources, integrated the resources of Dianping's experts and launched shop visit notes to promote the brand expansion.

Ten high quality local celebrities were invited to visit the shops from multiple dimensions and write notes in the form of graphics and short videos, relying on the resources and traffic support of the platform to expand the brand exposure.

3 out of 10 experts' notes were pushed to the front page of Dianping's recommendation, achieving strong traffic exposure, which is a value-added item.

1、Based on the new shop of 7Fresh CITY, the online shop was given online and initial optimization was done.

2、The total reading book of the 10 experts' notes exceeded 18.4w; the number of likes exceeded 800; the data statistics is only from xx xx 2021 to 8th October, and the subsequent data will continue to be exposed.

3. At the beginning of October, 7Fresh CITY continued to be the TOP 1 of the district supermarket convenience hot list.

Based on this first opening of 7Fresh CITY in Nanjing, Modern Express integrated the dissemination of resources across the region, which played a strong role in spreading the word among young people, allowing the 7Fresh brand to have a better awareness among the young consumer group, and word of mouth continued to spread.

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