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We celebrate for the next star

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Are you a creator that is growing your own TikTok Live Audience? Or you are about to make a start

Do you want to make more effective use of your existing social following?

Join Us

Become Part Of The TikTok LIVE Managed Program

What is TikTok LIVE?

TikTok LIVE is a place of fun, creativity, unexpected connections and endless possibilities. Of course, creators can make content, but with TikTok LIVE they can make real connections in real time and can get paid for it! Going LIVE is the best way to grow a community because it gives creators the opportunity to share their personalities and talents.

How do you earn rewards?

The LIVE Gifts feature is a way for TikTok developers to make money, as it allows creators to collect diamonds from TikTok when users send gifts to show their appreciation for creators' content. The application is still evolving and there is plenty of potential for growth, which is even an incentive to start the program early!

What benefits can you gain through going LIVE?

Creators go online to gain followers and expand their social networks. With TikTok LIVE, we want to give people the tools to bring the same level of connection to a worldwide The more users listen, the more creators can understand what they want and deliver it to them.

What can I get with my TikTok Rewards?

You can redeem your hard-earned TikTok referral rewards for actual money. But that’s not all! You can also redeem your TikTok rewards as coupons or mobile top-ups in certain countries. Rewards will be converted to cash at a fixed rate. Check your TikTok app for more details on what rewards are available in your country.

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Solo Talent VS Managed Talent

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Change to be Featured on TikTok Live Account
Beta Test New Features
Network Opportunity with Agency Creator Community
Access to Excusive TikTok Campaigns and Events
Post Live Feedback ;Content Strategy Planning
Coaching Sessions with Agency Talent Manager
Feedback Shared Directly with TikTok
Support from an Official TikTok Partner Agency
Monetize Livestream from Gifting
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Who Match This Program To Join?

You need to have around 1,000 -100,000 followers.
In the last 30 days, you must not have earned more than 150,000 diamonds.
You must locate in United Kingdom.
You adhere to the content guidelines and never go against them.
Using your TikTok to vape or smoke is not required.
Adhere to the community rules for TikTok.
You're willing to broadcast live 7 times every 15days (over 2hours each).
60 hours overall per month is preferred.
Above18 years old is required.
Check your eligibility here
Who Match This Program?
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This program is designed for raising creators. Even if you don't have any live broadcasting experience before, only if you meet the above requirements, please contact us, we will provide you with good trainings and services to assist your growth.

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