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Live Streamer

UK, Worldwide


Full Time/Part-time


Juxi Media is an UK registered Company, we mainly do business as below:

1. Provide expert opinion leaders in various fields, provide high-quality UGC content output, and carry out multi-dimensional matrix account traffic exposure in Tiktok, Meituan Dianping, bilibili, Red and other platforms to enhance the longitudinal influence and conversion efficiency of traditional integrated media to customers.
2. Operation of short video accounts of official organizations, through the matrix of talents and traffic tools, as well as the platform official institutions to ensure the operational effect and data of official institutional accounts.
3. Through the talent matrix and traffic tools, as well as the platform official institutions support, so that short video social traffic to help the government / industry / brand event marketing and influence to improve, especially to help traditional media business expansion.
4.Through short video, live and other new digital economy performance systematized training system, the college students and campus Tiktok, Snack Video, Meituan Dianping's dares college students to dig, shaping, incubation, at the same time, through the training of the campus dares of the opening of Jitterbug and other traffic platform account, and the city, the university city area as a unit, forming a campus dares account matrix, can be docked with the traditional business of radio and television to expand business Cooperation scope. the business development potential is unlimited.

We are now recruiting partners for individuals and teams who are interested in short video, live streaming and other new media channels marketing mature or entrepreneurial.


1. Activate the atmosphere of the live broadcast room, entertain the audience and maintain the order of the channel;

2. interact with visitors and maintain their own fans.

Job requirements

1. outgoing, confident, good sense of camera, strong desire to perform, can quickly adapt to show themselves in front of the camera;

3. strong sense of responsibility and enterprise, good coordination and communication skills, able to comply with company rules and regulations.

Job requirements.

1. more than 1 year experience in the operation of short video platforms such as Tik Tok, familiar with the community, live process and promotion;

2. familiar with the rules of operation of each platform, networked expression, a complete set of understanding of the logic of the current social media.

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