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Partners in Digital Abroad/Tiktok Partners

London, UK


Full Time


TIKTOK global traffic is quite large and covers 75 languages, 150 countries and regions, and has broken through 3 billion downloads worldwide. At present, with a volume of 1 billion monthly active users, maintaining an annual growth of 45.1%, the business development potential is unlimited. We are now recruiting partners for individuals and teams who are interested in short video, live streaming and other new media channels marketing mature or entrepreneurial.


1、Understand the mechanism of Tik Tok

2、Have the ability to register Tik Tok

3、Be able to operate Tik Tok accounts independently

4、Knowledge of short video or live account operation process

5、Have domestic short video or live broadcast (anchor) team is preferred

6、Personal or team experience in recruiting influencers is preferred

Cooperation advantages:

1、The company has a European Tik Tok first-class guild license.

2、Provide projects, training, venues, resources support.

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